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Artificial Insemination


Multi Shotâ„¢ Filler

Variable speed machine which delivers tubes on a continuous basis at a speed determined by the operator (up to 1,500 per hour). The maximum dose is 1/15 ml with the 6 ml syringe, or 1/10 ml with a 12 ml syringe.  The cabinet air is filtered, heated, circulated and thermostatically controlled. Tubes are preheated by the cabinet air and maintained at the ideal temperature for sperm cell viability. The hopper holds in excess of 1,500 insemination tubes. Preheated tubes are automatically fed through the machine, counted, indexed, filled and released to receiving tray.  


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B6-3260 all-2-mate gun

O-Ring Insemination Gun - 1/2 ml

Original Style! Slit sheath must be used with this gun. 

Made of durable stainless steel with welded components. 

imensions are 17.50” (44.45 cm) long, 0.142” (0.360 cm) O.D.  

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PCAI Catheter

PCAI catheters are designed for use with any of our foam-tip catheters.

The foam-tip catheter is inserted first, followed by the insertion of the intra-uterine catheter inside the tube of the foam catheter. Allow the sow to relax her cervix before attempting to insert the intra-uterine catheter.

Packaged in bags of five catheters. 

Intra-uterine Catheter, 5/pk

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PCAI Catheter in Complete Blue Foam Catheter

PCAI catheter inserted into a Complete Blue Foam Catheter

25 Combo Catheters per pack

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B6-3283 blue o ring

Plunger for “O” Ring Insemination Gun

Plunger for ½ ml gun - For use with B6-4205 or B6-4405 sheath

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Pneumatic Semen Dispenser

The pneumatic semen dispenser is air actuated and can be completely submerged in water for cleaning.  Fills up to 1,600 tubes per hour, and weighs only 31 lbs. Requires a small compressor or portable air tank. (Not included with dispenser) Features the CONTINENTAL™ time-tested feed screw assembly which offers greater accuracy and less maintenance. The maximum dose is 1/15 ml with the 6 ml syringe, or 1/10 ml with a 12 ml syringe.  


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B1-1030 metal kit box

Professional Kit Box

The Professional Kit Box features a retaining ring to accommodate Thermos® Thaw Unit. A bracket on the opposite side secures two 8oz lube bottles, and a cradle in front is designed to hold a sheath holder. Featuring a full length piano stop hinge, sturdy latch, and plastic coated handle on top, this kit is designed for years of use.

Durable 24 gauge polished stainless steel 

Dimensions: 18½" (46.99 cm) long, 8" (20.32 cm) wide, 8¾" (22.22 cm) deep

Sold individually

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Pushed Insert Sheaths

50 sheaths per bag, 20 bags per case = 1,000 sheaths per case, 96 cases per skid

Also available in Master Case quantities, 10 cases of 1,000 sheaths per Master Case*

Sheath with blue insert, unslit tube, insert pushed to coned end of sheath  

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