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Continentalâ„¢ Canine Extender

SKU: C2-7500

Canine Extender - for frozen semen

A concentrated solution fortified with egg yolk to protect cells during freezing and preserve your collection for later use.       

Sold frozen in 3 ml vials.  All orders are shipped overnight delivery.     

Call office to place order.


Canine Kit

SKU: C4-7101

Complete kit for the collection and insemination of dogs.

Kit includes:   

One lightweight end cone, wrist gloves (size L), one green “O” ring,15ml centrifuge tube, one 1 oz. packet of “Little Squirt™” Professional Lube™, one blue adapter, 6 ml syringe, one 9” and one 4” insemination tube.  

Canine Kit, sold individually, 100 kits per case  

B6-5100 insem tubes

6” Insemination Tube

SKU: R6-4600

6" Insemination Tube

100 per pack (sold without adapters), 20 units per case

B6-5100 insem tubes

9” Insemination Tube

SKU: C6-4600

9" Insemination Tube

25 per pad (sold without adapters), 160 units per case

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