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Breeding Catheter


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  • Classic Blue
  • Complete Blue
  • Engineered for functionality and performance, our insemination catheters offer a wide range of options.  All of our catheters have a standard length of 22 inches and are manufactured to precise internal and external dimensions to ensure a good fit with nearly all semen packages.

    The soft foam facilitates entering the reproductive tract with minimum risk of entering the urethra. Soft foam provides for an excellent lock in the cervix. The shaft is recessed to protect mucous membranes. 

    The “Classic” Continental™ Design! Eliminate the need to buy a separate ‘gilt catheter’.  

    The more slender foam shape is suitable for breeding gilts as well as sows.

    COMPLETE BLUE™ with conventional foam shape which is suitable for all breeding females

    25 catheters per pack, 500 catheters per case, 35 cases per skid.

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